Strand-by-Strand Surgical

Advanced Hair Studio is now proud to introduce a new Hair Grafting Procedure to its' list of Hair Loss Programs. The Strand-by-Strand Surgical technique uses your own growing hair to create totally natural hair replacement.

How Strand-by-Strand Surgical provides an undetectable result

The Strand-by-Strand Surgical technique allows surgeons to master the transplant technique and create totally natural hair replacement. A Strand-by-Strand Surgical transplant gives individual hairs correct orientation and is impossible to distinguish from a person’s natural hair growth on the remaining part of the scalp.

In various parts of the scalp, hair grows at different angles. Our task is to mimic nature. This requires placing the transplanted hair in the appropriate position, correct angle, direction and orientation to give a natural and undetectable appearance. Replicating your own individual hair characteristics is the hallmark of an excellent hair transplant. Your transplanted hair needs to fall in line with your neighbouring hairs to establish a natural flow, symmetry and appearance. Typically the success of transplanted grafts is greater than 90% and often approaches 100%.

Before F.U.E.

One Week After F.U.E.

9 Months After F.U.E.

Strand-by-Strand Surgical is permanent hair restoration

Once the new hair grows there is no need for special care maintenance; the transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally. It is recommended that after the transplant has been completed, clients commence Advanced Laser Therapy to assist with healing and healthy, strong regrowth.

To find out more about whether Strand-by-Strand Surgical is right for you, call us on 1800-800-500 and book your free consultation. At your consultation you can determine with your consultant your hair restoration objectives, review various other programs, surgical solutions, and obtain a clear understanding of what you can realistically expect as a final result.



After treating scale scar

Before treating scale scar

After 50 years, the technique has finally been perfected!

Hair transplants first commenced in the 1950’s and although improvements were made the basic techniques did not change until recently. For most of this period transplants were performed using large groupings or ‘plugs’ of hair containing up to as many as thirty hairs. Although this provided the recipient with real, growing hair, the result looked unnatural and was often referred to as ‘corn rows’ or ‘dolls hair’.

Example of latest hair transplant surgery


One week after